Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen


The provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations shall apply to the conclusion of the contract. A reservation is deemed to have been made when written confirmation has been received from the Hotel Innere Enge and, if requested, advance payment has been made or a credit card number has been provided. We reserve the right to reserve the total amount of the stay from the date of reservation on the credit card indicated and to charge any cancellation costs directly.

In the absence of information from the organiser, the seminar rooms will be set up in accordance with our standard equipment. For changes and/or additions to the contract, it is sufficient if they are confirmed in writing, by fax or by e-mail by the party affected thereby. The hotel shall provide the detailed programme, details of the furnishing of the rooms and the technical equipment and trend number no later than 2 weeks before the event.

The choice of food & beverage services shall be communicated in writing no later than 3 weeks before the event. The Hotel Innere Enge must be notified in writing of the definitive number of participants for which a guarantee is given no later than 48 hours before the event. The actual number of participants, but at least the guaranteed number, will always be charged.


The prices result from the conclusion of the contract. Our prices are in CHF including service and VAT. Visitor’s tax will be charged additionally per person and night. We accept the following means of payment: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Postcard as well as cash. We ask for your understanding if cheques cannot be accepted. The following bank account is available:

Zurbrügg + M. Gauer AG, 3012 Bern;
UBS Bern, IBAN No.CH80 0023 5235 1767 3902 P

Services ordered but not used during the event as well as no shows will be charged at 100%.
If changes are requested at short notice after the agreed facilities have been made available, the Hotel Innere Enge shall be entitled to compensation for the resulting time expenditure at the employee hourly rate and any further costs it incurs as a result.
In the absence of a special note by the Organiser, all services listed shall be charged to the total invoice. Unless otherwise agreed in the contract, customary ancillary services not listed (such as telephone calls in the rooms, consumption at the bar, etc.) shall be paid for by each participant on departure. In the event of non-payment by the individual participants, the organiser shall be liable.

Evening extensions of the event are possible. If the reserved event duration is likely to exceed the police hour, the customer must contact the hotel at least 7 days before the event so that the necessary permits can be obtained and organisational measures taken.

The room is available from 14.00 hrs on the day of arrival and until 12.00 hrs on the day of departure. In case of late release of the room by the guest, the following rates apply:

until 16.00 hrs: surcharge of CHF 80.00 (CHF 20.00 per hour)
until 18.00 hrs: surcharge of CHF 100.00
after 18.00 hrs: full room rate
In the event of late departure from the room, the hotel reserves the right to remove the guest’s belongings from the room and store them in a suitable place in the hotel.

The hotel room is reserved exclusively for the registered guest. Leaving the room to a third person or use by an additional person requires the (written) permission of the hotel. The subletting and re-letting of the rooms provided as well as their use for purposes other than accommodation require the prior written consent of the hotel. The scope of services under the contract shall be determined by the guest’s individually made and confirmed reservation. The guest has no claim to a specific room. If no rooms are available in the hotel despite a confirmed reservation, the hotel must offer an equivalent substitute in another hotel of a comparable or higher category. Any additional expenses for the substitute accommodation shall be borne by the hotel. If the guest refuses the substitute room, the hotel must refund any services already rendered by the guest (e.g. deposits).

(e.g. down payments) without delay. The guest shall have no further claims.


A. Cancellation of the reservation or curtailment of the stay
Individual reservations
Cancellations on time are free of charge. If we do not receive a cancellation 48 hours before the definitive booking, we will charge the first night of the stay.

These regulations also apply to no-shows, late arrivals or early departures. To avoid inconvenience, we recommend that you take out cancellation insurance. Cancellations must be made in writing.

Group reservations
If we do not receive a cancellation 14 days before the definitive booking, we will charge you for the first night of your stay.

B. Cancellation by the hotel
The hotel is entitled to withdraw from the contract at any time for objectively justified reasons by means of an immediate unilateral written declaration with immediate effect:

Objectively justified reasons include, for example:

an agreed advance payment or security deposit is not made during the period set by the hotel;
force majeure or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible and which make it objectively impossible to fulfil the contract;
rooms or rooms booked or used under misleading or false information, e.g. in the person of the guest or the purpose of use or stay;
the hotel has reasonable cause to believe that the use of the agreed services may adversely affect the smooth operation of the business, the safety of other hotel guests or the reputation of the hotel;
the guest has become insolvent (bankruptcy or fruitless seizure) or has suspended payments;
the purpose or occasion of the stay is unlawful.
In the event of withdrawal by the hotel for the aforementioned reasons, the guest shall not be entitled to any compensation and the compensation for the booked services shall remain owed in principle.


Option dates are binding for both parties. The hotel may dispose of the opted rooms/rooms or services after unused expiry of the option period without further notice. The confirmation must be received by Hotel Innere Enge no later than the last day of the option period.


The room key provided by the hotel remains the property of the hotel. The loss of the key must be reported immediately to the reception and will be charged to the guest.


The guest will receive the access data for Internet access at the reception. This service is free of charge for all guests. A perfect connection cannot be guaranteed at all times. The guest is liable for misuse and illegal behaviour when using the internet.


Smoking is permitted throughout the hotel only in appropriately marked places/rooms (not in the guest rooms). Should the guest nevertheless smoke in the room, the cleaning costs will be charged. If the room cannot be rented due to the smell of smoke, the corresponding number of nights will be charged additionally.


Animals may only be brought into rooms 2 and 5 on the ground floor of the hotel with prior express consent and with a surcharge. The pet owner is obliged to keep or supervise this animal properly during his stay or to have it supervised by suitable third parties at his expense. Any damage and additional expenses (e.g. extra cleaning) will be charged in full.


Lost property will be kept for four months and will be forwarded at the request of the guest and if ownership is clear. The guest bears the costs and the risk for the subsequent dispatch.


A. Hotel
The hotel limits its liability to the guest to the extent permitted by law for slight and moderate negligence and is liable only for damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Should disruptions or deficiencies occur in the hotel’s services, the hotel shall endeavour to remedy the situation upon immediate notification by the guest.
If the guest fails to notify the hotel of a defect in good time, there shall be no entitlement to a reduction of the contractually agreed remuneration.

The hotel shall be liable for the guests’ property in accordance with the statutory provisions, i.e. up to the amount of CHF 1,000. The hotel is not liable for slight and medium negligence. If valuables (jewellery etc.), cash or securities are not handed over to the hotel for safekeeping, the hotel’s liability is excluded to the extent permitted by law. If any damage is not reported to the hotel immediately after its discovery, the guest’s claims shall be forfeited. The hotel shall not be liable under any legal title for services which it has merely arranged for the guest. The hotel declines all liability for theft of and damage to materials brought in by third parties.

B. Guest
The guest shall be liable to the hotel for all damage and loss caused by him, companions or his assistants or participants in the event, without the hotel having to prove fault on the part of the guest.
The guest is responsible for the correct use and proper return of all facilities made available to him by the hotel or procured on its behalf via third parties, and is liable for damage and loss.
The Hotel Innere Enge accepts no liability for activities inside or outside the hotel. Neither in case of accident, injury or loss of property, even if these activities were offered by the hotel, recommended to the guest and/or carried out by third parties. The guest is liable to third parties for services arranged and expenses incurred by the hotel.

C. Third parties
If a third party makes the booking on behalf of the guest, that party shall be liable to the hotel as the ordering party together with the guest as joint and several debtors for all obligations under the contract. Irrespective of this, each ordering party is obliged to pass on to the guest all information relevant to the booking, in particular these General Terms and Conditions.


Guests are obliged to comply with the fire regulations of the Hotel Innere Enge, in particular keeping escape routes clear, observing the ban on smoking, etc.


Swiss law shall apply exclusively to all contractual, reservation, any supplementary agreements and general conditions. The place of performance and payment is the registered office of the hotel. The place of jurisdiction is Bern, Switzerland.


Changes or additions to the contract or the reservation confirmation shall always be made in writing, if possible. Unilateral amendments or supplements by the guest are invalid. With the signature on the contract or the reservation confirmation or unilateral confirmation of a booking by the guest, the General Terms and Conditions are accepted.

Bern, 15 November 2017

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