Marians Jazzroom

Interview mit Graham Dechter, Musiker der Woche

What does Jazz means to you?

Jazz means so many things to me. With that said, if I had to narrow it down to two things, it would be the rhythmic element of ‘swing’ coupled with the element of improvisation which, in my opinion, makes it different from any other music.

You’re in the music business for quite a while. During this time – what has changed for you personally?

When I was very young, all I did was eat, breathe and sleep music. It was pretty much all I ever did or thought about. Now, I feel like I have a much more balanced life which allows for other interests, passions, hobbies, etc. Incidentally, this sort of balance makes playing music much more enjoyable and I feel that I play better as a result.

How many weeks a year are you on tour – and away from home?

It really depends on the year. Sometimes it’s 6 weeks a year, sometimes it’s 36 weeks a year!

What is your relationship to Switzerland in general – and to Berne in particular?

I love traveling to and performing in Switzerland. I’ve toured and played in many Swiss cities over the years and it’s been a very positive experience for me each and every time. In terms of my relationship to Berne in particular, it really feels like my European ‘home away from home.’

Internationales Jazzfestival Bern

Während 10 Wochen treten im Marians Jazzroom Topstars auf. Genauso wie vor ihnen B.B. King, Michel Camilo, Oscar Peterson, Fats Domino, Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald und Etta James. Musikstudenten aus der Schweiz und den USA erhalten im Jazzzelt eine Plattform.
Das 44. Internationale Jazzfestival Bern findet vom 11.03. – 18.05.2019 statt.